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NIGHT AND DAY Cole Porter | Sabrina Kabua feat. P. Wilk

Single track | released: 2018



Single track | released: 2014

In memory of my friend Paul J. H.
... he went on tiptoe
left his wife and children
one day his son will know the truth
he went on tiptoe, looking for an answer ain't nobody understand ...

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CD album: 8 tracks | released: 2013
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CD album: 8 tracks | released: 2011
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I love singing since I was a child... When I was 13 years old, I remember that I spent hours and hours with my guitar composing my first songs and writing lyrics. I felt that music was my life and, some years later, I decided to move to Boston Mass. US. I've attended at the prestigious Berklee College of Music Boston and down deep inside of me I will always have that United States experience. I learned a lot but mostly I understand now what it means to make music and how to receive the affection in return from the public and the strength to continue. After a long period of collaboration with many international artists I decided to stop and collect all my songs written over the years and make a series of unreleased music albums.

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